from concept to completion

We are passionate about sustainable and energy efficient architecture but our priority is to design buildings that fulfill the client’s dreams and expectations. We support and assist you by providing options to get your home or building fitted to your needs and ready for the future. We offer professional services from the initial concept design phase through to the building permit application and can supervise construction to ensure correct building methods are adhered to and your house is built exactly the way it was designed.

drafting services

We offer a straightforward drafting service where the client can create their own design. There is a free consultation available before the working drawings are drawn to ensure you are entirely happy with the concept plans you have provided.


We offer you advice in the following areas of an existing building or current projects of any size, at any stage.

  • architectural solutions
  • concept planning
  • site planning and positioning
  • solar studies and planning with solar gains
  • sustainability and energy efficiency
  • off-grid solutions
  • air-tightness
  • condensation management
  • working with thermal mass